Aga's Biography

Aga is deeply passionate, her life is fitness, music and dance.


Her dancing experience started when she discovered ballet at a young age. Performing in Lodz (Polnad) with a ballet group gave Aga the dedication needed to pursuit her passion and the discipline that her profession requires.



She discovered fitness when she was only 15, from this time Aga started her journey towards fitness and dance. She studied music therapy in Lodz's Music Academy, where she achieved a Master Degree and studied rehabilitation, psychology, music and dance.

While studying in the Music Academy, Aga attended fitness courses to become professional fitness instructor in 2002. From this time she became aerobic, step, body shape and Pilates specialist where she combined her knowledge form studies and fitness courses.



She has worked in Lodz as fitness instructor for over 4 years, and during that time she attended on many fitness conventions and trainings where she enhanced her fitness skills.



In 2006 Aga moved to Cork (Ireland) where she proved to be a great Fitness instructor & Personal Trainer, teaching Step, Spinning, Aerobic and Pilates.


Her great fitness orientated work, made her classes famous and helped her to establish a great party of followers that still today enjoy her many classes. Aga was also one of the first Cork City's Zumba instructor in 2009, this new trendy workout has been key to merge her passion for music and dance to fitness. Her Zumba classes, thanks to her fitness dedicated life are considered to be the most effective and enjoyable in town.


Discovering Latin music and falling in love with Salsa, this new Latin workout helped Aga pursuing her passion for dancing.



Her experience of salsa was founded by Fintan (salsa dancer and her now dance partner) who saw the potential of Aga with her vast natural ability to be musical and so keen to learn how to style and follow.



So much was the passion and love for this dance, Aga took a life turning journey to Cuba where she took additional Salsa and Reggaeton lessons from pure Latin instructors. While in Europe she started attending many international Salsa congresses, where her natural talent was enriched with a stream of professional aid.



Today Aga is not only a Dancing and Fitness professional but an example of hard work and commitment to reach her goals following her passion and dream.