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Salsa Levels

Salsa Completely Beginners:

This is for all new startes/complete beginners in Salsa. You get a fun and fully worked out base of the Salsa dance, learning the basic steps and movements on your own and all the basic combinations and leading techniques with a partner.

Salsa Beginners Level 2:

For you who have taken a beginners class but still need to work on your rhythm and who wants to have light & easy combinations to perfect your basic skills in Salsa.
If you have danced other dance styles or taken some salsa lessons elsewhere you can jump directly into this level, as long as you are quick to catch on the music and steps.



Salsa Improvers:

At the improvers level your basic knowledge of salsa is developed. We work more on understanding the rhythm, the salsa moves (body/feet/hips) and of course fun and cool steps and combinations which leads you the step further to understanding the dance. This is the level where you become more routined in the Salsa while you in the meantime feel that the level rises a bit.




 Salsa Pre-Intermediate:

At pre-intermediate it is expected that you know the basic steps and terms in this salsa style. You are now ready for combinations of a little higher level that leads you towards the combinations danced at the intermediate level but while still practicing and feel at home with your already learned techniques. You also get basic individual techniques and training for turns/spins, a few more shines that you can do on your own and get introduced to some cool and useful men & lady "styling" in the couple dancing.

You will still be taught and corrected in your leading and following and your way to executed the dance with energy and precision without stressing your mind and body.
The class will give you greater understanding of the dance, the music, the social aspect and makes you feel more comfortable to get on the dancefloor.



Salsa Intermediate:

We teach you beautiful dance patterns in an advanced level, good leading techniques and how to make easy-to-perform turns and spins. Furthermore we will focus on development of a good body move and foot work/shines plus good advicing on how to be fluent in your dance and style.
We expect that our advanced dancers practice outside of the class, either by going out dancing Salsa at the clubs or by practicing extra at home with a partner. This helps you to better follow the class, get familiar with & feel confident with the Salsa in your own pace, makes you memorize your combinations or techniques and advance your level quicker.



You don't need a dance partner to register for Salsa classes! But of course, if you prefer you can enter with your own partner.

We change partner after about each song, this is for both technical and social reasons.